A Fine Collection of A. Aubrey Bodine Photos for Auction this October

Brooke Friedman

Alex Cooper Auctioneers is pleased to be featuring, in our October 19th auction, a collection of 18 gelatin silver prints by legendary Baltimore photographer A. Aubrey Bodine.

Lot 1112: A. Aubrey Bodine. “Baltimore Harbor-Night”

Bodine was a photographer for the Baltimore Sun from 1924 until his death in 1970. His images captured the spirit of Maryland in all of its variety in the 20th century.

Lot 1115: A. Aubrey Bodine. “Hollins Market”

Up for sale are primarily images of Baltimore Harbor as a busy, blue collar working environment in the 1950’s. Notable is lot #1101, which shows a large oil tanker flanked by tugboats. The flag flapping in the wind at rear of the craft in which Bodine is sitting is seen provides a sophisticated balance to the composition and the boats are connected to each other by the water churning from the propeller’s wake.

Lot 1101: A. Aubrey Bodine. “Baltimore Harbor”

Known for using simple equipment, creatively combining images and experimenting with new darkroom techniques, Bodine was a pioneer with this relatively new medium for his time.

Lot 1117: A. Aubrey Bodine. “Howard St., Baltimore”

Alex Coopers is proud to present this collection of a Baltimore original artist for sale. As mentioned on his Wikipedia page: “His work documented the passing of an older, now almost forgotten, era in the history of Maryland and Baltimore and their people, and began to document the emerging modern state and city.”

Inquires should be sent to John Locke: jlocke@alexcooper.com

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