April 6th Jewelry Highlights

Brooke Friedman

Let your style bloom at Alex Cooper’s Spring Gallery Auction. With almost 200 lots of fine jewelry to choose from –there is no shortage of fabulous pieces in this sale.

Our fine jewelry specialist Jenny Putnam stated, “There are some very special estate pieces in our spring auction. If vintage is your style, this is an excellent opportunity to catch Art Deco brooches and well-made gemstone jewelry.” When asked about the most standout lot in the auction, Putnam chose lot 66: a custom made sapphire and diamond winged brooch. “The wing brooch is an exceptional piece because of its unique design and mystery setting. A mystery setting refers to a technique of setting stones in such a way that no prongs are visible. The gems appear to be free standing and enhancing the true saturation of the stone.”

lots: 66, 149

A selection of high quality sapphires are among the major highlights of the auction, led by a lot 149: a 5 ct. sapphire and diamond ring in platinum. Other important sapphires in the sale include lot 30: an Art Deco platinum sapphire & diamond dress clip and, of course, the whimsical lot 66: a custom made sapphire and diamond winged brooch.

lot: 30

For diamond collectors, this auction is full of beautiful options. Lot 63: an 8 ct. diamond Riviera necklace in 14k is an absolute showstopper. Pictured with lot 78: a pair of diamond snowflake ear pendants in 14k.  More striking diamond lots include lot 14: a 14k diamond contemporary right hand ring and lot 18: a pair of diamond ear pendants.

lots: 63, 78
lots: 14, 18
lot 14

For our pearl lovers, this auction won’t disappoint. Starting with a classic – lot 50: a strand of South Sea pearls with diamond Rondelles. If you’re looking for a more modern take on pearls look no further then lot 68: an 18k Mabe pearl and diamond ring.

lots: 45, 50
lots: 45, 50

There is also an expansive and diverse selection of gold jewelry. Lot 59: a diamond bracelet in 14k gold pairs perfectly with lot 74: an important diamond and gold necklace by Spritzer & Fuhrmann. Another gold highlight would be the magnificent lot 47: an 18k round disc pendant with enamel Pharaoh, pictured with lot 60: 14k gold wire necklace and lot 153: a pair of diamond studs with elongated jackets and lot 125: a pave diamond link bracelet in 14k gold.

lots: 59, 74
lot: 59
lots: 47, 67, 153
lots: 47, 67, 125, 153

Last but certainly not least, for our emerald admirers lot 151: a 10 ct. natural emerald and diamond ring, um hello 10 cts.! This knockout ring pairs perfectly with lot 65: a pair of emerald and enamel ear pendants in 14k.

lots: 65, 151

For more information about this gallery auction and bidding click here.

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