The Best Gifts Come In Orange Boxes

Brooke Friedman

Legendary French manufacturer Hermès is a name synonymous with luxury. Known for their sought-after accessories and wait list worthy handbags, Hermès is an iconic powerhouse in the world of high-end fashion. Since establishing the company in 1837, Hermès has been recognized for hand crafting the finest leather goods and accessories. The Hermès Fashion House was started in Paris as a harness making shop for caliches and carriages. It provided the finest bridles and harnesses for nobleman throughout Europe. It wasn’t until 1922 when the company introduced their first handbag, and in 1929 released their first collection of women’s fashion. During the 1970’s, Hermès continued to expand their empire, creating international shops to reach larger and richer markets. While other fashion houses crumbled to the ground, Hermès continued to grow and became one of the world’s most valuable luxury brands. Today, owning a piece of Hermès is far more than a fashion statement; it is a symbol of exclusivity.

Our upcoming January 25th auction features a large collection of bandannas, pocket squares, stoles and more! Whether you are just starting your collection, or a certified Hermès addict – Alex Cooper has the perfect accessory for you.

All of these classic Hermès treasures can be tied and accessorized in countless ways. Making them not only staple fashion pieces, but also a versatile way to add a touch glamour to any outfit.

Here are a few standout lots from our upcoming auction:

Lot 315: “La Ronde Des Jockeys” Scarf
Orange and multi-color 90 cm silk scarf with ”La Ronde Des Jockeys” motif and hand rolled edges, in the original box.

Lot 318: “Jumping” Scarf
Black & red 90 cm silk scarf with ”Jumping” motif and hand rolled edges, in the original box.

Lot 321: “Liberty” Scarf
Red and multi-color 90 cm silk scarf with ”Liberty” motif and hand rolled edges, in the original box.


Lot 322: “La Chasse en Afrique” Scarf
Ivory and multi-color  70 cm silk scarf with ”La Chasse en Afrique” motif and hand rolled edges, in the original box.

Lot 334: “Aleche Elastique” & “Plumes” Triangle Scarves
1) Charcoal and multi-color silk triangle scarf with “Aleche Elastique” motif and hand rolled edges, in the original box.
2) Orange and multi-color silk triangle scarf with “Plumes” feather motif and hand rolled edges, in the original box.

Lot 341: Merino Wool & Cashmere “Rocabar” Poncho
Gris merino wool and cashmere “Rocabar” poncho with leather tassel closures. Measures 62″ x 59,” in the original box.


Lot 343: Fringed Muffler
Fringed cashmere and silk muffler in mustard with fringed edges, measures 28″ x 79,” in the original box.

Lot 344: “Aller-Retour” Scarf
Red and grey “Aller-Retour” cashmere and silk scarf, measures 11.8″ x 71,” in the original box.

For more information about the January 25th auction click here.
To place a bid on any of these lots, please fill out an absentee bid form, or register to bid online.


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